The Red Sox and Stephen Drew

First of all let me introduce myself, my name is Darren Pare and Marc has invited me to write up some blog posts and I am quite grateful for the opportunity. I am a big baseball fan, a Yankees fan in fact but please don’t judge, and will be covering mostly the professional side of sports. I won’t be writing about the Yankees, but will often take a look at the Red Sox and I will do my best to be objective. I hope you all enjoy.

As I am sitting here writing this I am watching the snow pile up outside and I find it hard to believe that pitchers and catchers will be reporting in just ten days. As I look at the Red Sox roster I think it is pretty solid and can really make a serious run at a championship repeat. The starting pitching is probably the strongest in the division, the bullpen is solid, the catching duties are in the capable hands of veteran A.J. Pierzynski, and the right side of the infield is set.

Two things stand out as potential problems. The outfield isn’t the strongest but it will probably be good enough, much like last year. Then there is the left side of the infield. Will Middlebrooks took a giant step backwards last year and is far from a sure thing at third base and is Xander Bogaerts definitely ready for the big time? One question mark is fine, but two becomes a problem.

Of course this could all be solved if the Red Sox re-signed Stephen Drew to play shortstop,that way you only need either Middlebrooks or Bogaerts to come through, not both. It makes too much sense for the Red Sox not to make this move. I just keep waiting for news of the signing to cross the wire, just like I keep waiting for this darn snow to stop falling. If the Red Sox wait too long Drew might wind up somewhere elseĀ  and that would be a shame.

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